Insurance Claims

Safeguard Hampshire Ltd works with all major insurers, directly and via their supply chain of loss adjusters and building networks. Protecting their reputation and providing excellent customer support is our primary objective.

Safeguard Hampshire Ltd handles between 50-75 building insurance claims each month. These claims need to be well-managed and coordinated in order to meet the stringent service levels expected by the insurance industry.


A fire is one of the most traumatic events for a policy holder to come to terms with. We have the knowledge and experience to manage even the most severe cases with our proactive approach to claims management.

Under the instruction of your loss adjuster, we would initially concentrate on the salvage, cleaning and storage of your remaining possessions. We would then secure the property and protect against further damage from inclement weather. Whilst this work is being done a comprehensive schedule of repairs is produced and agreed by all parties. We would then work quickly and efficiently to complete the works to your satisfaction.


While not as visually disturbing as fire, water can cause untold damage to the fabric of a building and its contents.Safequard employs specialists in this field who will minimise the damage and replace the affected items, as required.

Depending on the severity of the flood or escape of water, our drying and restoration team will strip out and dry the remaining structure and, with diligence and care, our tradesmen will then reinstate your property to its original condition.


Along with the change in climate the number of storm claims is increasing. Our large, directly-employed workforce is ready to respond quickly to large numbers of claims.

Depending on the nature and severity of the incident, it may be necessary to carry out emergency works. These works will often take the form of stabilisation of the remaining structure, making safe, and temporary repairs to prevent further damage. The next stage is to reinstate all areas that have been affected by the storm damage. Our intention being to leave your property secure and dry, as quickly as possible.


From the straightforward rebuild of a boundary wall, to the more complex reconstruction of the side of a house, we have the knowledge and experience to help.

The rebuild and repair of a boundary wall or fence tend to be relatively straight forward. For claims that involve extensive structural repairs to buildings, we work with structural engineers to rebuild the affected areas as seamlessly as possible.


It is vital that the restoration, drying, and decontamination work is carried out thoroughly before reinstatement works start. We have trained operatives in this field who remove the need for the services of a third party.

Where flooding has occurred, one of our BPMA qualified technicians will fully assess the condition of the property and establish a suitable drying and decontamination programme. We will install specialist equipment and monitor the situation regularly until the property is dry and reinstatement works can commence. If a fire has occurred, we have a range of equipment and techniques to decontaminate your property. Air scrubbers, thermal foggers, and ozone generators, can be deployed as necessary. A full alkaline clean may be required to bring surfaces back to a neutral pH level.


Subsidence has many causes and requires expert knowledge to investigate and diagnose. Our team has built up a wealth of experience in the treatment of structural and cosmetic damage caused by subsidence. Once the true extent of the damage and cause are known, a technical consultant will specify the actions necessary to mitigate the cause of damage. This may be the repair of a damaged drain, the removal of a tree, etc. When it comes to the repair, our operatives are trained in the techniques employed to restore structural stability. These range from the many different types of masonry and crack repair techniques to advanced methods of supporting building loads through reinforcement, underpinning, and piling. We will complete all works efficiently and with as little disruption as possible.

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