Drying & Restoration

NEW – Safeguard Hampshire now offer a fully accredited Drying, Restoration and Fire Decontamination service

The new Safeguard Hampshire Drying, Restoration and Fire Decontamination service is accredited to both BDMA and Dewpoint, and supported by a full range of in-house drying equipment including refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers, air movers and associated monitoring equipment.

The new service will provide an efficient seamless transition between all elements of the reinstatement process reducing the lifecycle of the contract and associated costs. Our new department is fully supported by a bespoke electronic database that provides the facility to record client and policy holder details, all the corresponding room moisture measurements, type of equipment installed in each room of the property, inclusive of itemising the duration and energy used during its deployment.

On completion of the drying lifecycle the system will generate a detailed drying certificate. All the corresponding information will be held on the database to enable future access of the complete drying process history relating to any previous claim. The history details the type of drying undertaken in any or all areas of the property and moisture measurements recorded in these areas, including timelines. The system has been designed to enable a number of reports to be produced at the push of a button, including a variety of information to meet both our clients and associated governing body requirements.

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